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Dr. Robert Grayson, a marketing and management consultant, is well known in the business community for skillfully translating innovative theory into successful business marketing.

Instrumental in the development of such creative marketing concepts as The Face Factory, a chain of retail cosmetic shops, Design Line Telephones and Phone Center Stores for AT&T, Dr. Grayson is a general partner in Grayson Associates, a marketing and management consulting firm specializing in consumer goods industries.

Adjunct Professor of Marketing at The New York University Graduate School of Business Administration for 18 years, Dr. Grayson's marketing expertise is frequently tapped by leading manufacturers of consumer and business products, and companies in the industrial and service fields.

Prior to establishing his consulting practice in 1970, Dr. Grayson was Senior Vice President of Daniel and Charles Advertising. He was responsible for the marketing, market research, media, and financial administration departments. Dr. Grayson also worked for many years at Lever Brothers in marketing and new product development--the latter for six years.

Author of the text, Introduction to Marketing, Dr. Grayson also edited one of the first computer books on Marketing and the Computer in 1967. In addition, he recently sold The Marketing Journal Publishing Company, which produces The Journal of Consumer Marketing, The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, The Journal of Services Marketing, and The Journal of Product & Business Management. These are academic journals which are written and edited for practicing marketers. They were edited to uniquely fill the gap between the anecdotal trade press and the esoteric research journals.

He created the landmark study correlating corporate organization with new product output. This, in turn, led to the development of a systems approach to new product development with several of his clients.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Grayson has initiated new services and provided original marketing ideas for such industry giants as Avon, Citicorp, AT&T, Western Electric, Franklin Mint, General Telephone, Pfizer, BCG, SRI, Bristol-Myers, and Procter & Gamble, Unilever, among others. Currently, an increasing segment of his practice is as an expert witness in marketing disputes. (See www.marketingexpertwitness.com)

Dr. Grayson is one of the founders of the Product Development and Management Association and is past president of the New York Chapter of the American Marketing Association. During his term as president, he initiated the Marketing Man of the Year Award and the Effie Award, given for the most effective advertising commercials. Effie is now the most respected of the advertising awards because it goes beyond creativity to measure actual sales results. (Note: Effie is short for "effective advertising.") Effie awards are also given in 12 foreign countries.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Dr. Grayson received his master's degree and doctorate from the Graduate School of Business, New York University and, in addition to being a professor there for 18 years, was a visiting professor at Fordham University and Pace University. He has taught and lectured world wide on almost every facet of marketing with special emphasis on new product development.

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